Oscar H. Hanson House

Attention To Detail is Part of Your Stay


We bring breakfast to you!

Next to the bed, breakfast is the second most important part of your stay. We happily offer alternatives to guests with special needs. Coffee and juice are available in our hospitality area at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast is brought to your room at 9 a.m.

At the Hanson House, we bring breakfast to you. We realize that every moment together is important. No need to get “ready” to meet the other guests. Just enjoy a relaxing morning together. You may also request breakfast in the dining room, or al fresco on the front porch.

Need a special diet?
We can help you enjoy your visit to our inn: lactose free, vegetarian, gluten free (Celiac diet friendly). Let us know in advance of your reservation that you need a special diet. This will help us determine if we can safely meet your needs. Some special diets require unique, more expensive ingredients and special preparation methods so call or e-mail us to discuss your dietary needs. Please be aware: Special dietary needs without advance notice may not be accommodated. More than two allergies accommodated will result in a $25/night surcharge. (As you already know, specialized foods cost more and require added time in shopping for the specialized ingredients. Dealing with allergies we need to make sure food is not cross contaminated and this requires additional effort and attention. And, although best efforts are used, we can’t guarantee total safety. You can always opt for the coffee only discount and bring your own food to be safe.)