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March 23, 2015

Where to elope…B&B or Courthouse?

Posted by: Duke

The two of you are in love and you just want to get married. So, where to elope… B&B or Courthouse? Spending a lot of money is not an option and yet the ceremony should feel like you got married. You’ve heard that the judge’s chambers at the courthouse is inexpensive and fast, but you’d also like to get married in a beautiful setting that is intimate and stress free. Consider eloping to the Oscar H. Hanson House Bed &Breakfast with beautiful indoor and outdoor ambiance. If you take advantage of specials, the cost of marrying at the Hanson House B&B or by a judge is comparable. The differences are in the surroundings, upgrades such as cake or a limo; and availability for evenings and weekends weddings.

Elope or get married at the courthouse, why?


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