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February 17, 2014

What is the difference between a hotel and a bed and breakfast?

Posted by: Duke

There has been an ongoing debate of what are the differences are between a hotel vs. a bed and breakfast (B&B).

A hotel is a corporate-owned establishment with 10s to hundreds of identical rooms. The corporation may be part of a national or international chain. Guests of any age are accomodated. Amenities range from spa soaps and ice machines to pools. Often the hotel offers a complimentary continental breakfast. Staff are accessable through the front desk. So in essence hotels provide mostly lodging and, perhaps a meal, the same breakfast each morning.

The majority of B&Bs are owned and managed by the innkeepers and are part of America’s cottage industry. Each B&B is as unique as the innkeepers and the home itself. From booking to checkout, you will most often be talking to the owner. B&Bs are generally located in residential areas and average 4.4 rooms.

Amenities are varied among B&Bs depending on their mission ranging for example from romantic, family-friendly, pet-friendly, green, to farm-to-table.  Room furnishing and decorations are generally selected to match the period of the home and breakfasts are always an experience. Prepared just for you, the innkeepers 

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