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April 6, 2010

She Finally Got the “I Love You Heart”

Posted by: Duke

Three years ago when the Hanson House held house concerts, we met a singer-song-writer duo, Gregg Winkler and Dale Kidd. Gregg and Dale wrote many of their own songs. All were especially good, but there is always a favorite. That was how we felt the first time we heard Dale sing the “I Love You Heart.” It was about a young man and woman growing up from childhood through adulthood. Every year at Valentine’s, the young man would give his sweetheart a box of candy hearts. Through the years the boyish crush grew into affection, and yet the young woman never found the same magic or as Dale wrote it, got the “I Love You” heart. At the end of the song when she “finally finds the I Love You heart,” at long last the young man and woman shared the fullness of love. Dale passed away in the winter of 2009. To our knowledge, he never recorded the “I Love You Heart.” In loving memory, Dale’s friends put together a web-based tribute. If you would like to know more about his life, go to http://www.dalekidd.com/.

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