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December 26, 2012

Not Your Grandma’s B&B

Posted by: Duke

A while ago I was talking to a friend about my B&B, and when I asked him if he ever considers one while traveling, his answer was a bit of a shock, and a revelation at the same time.  He said no, because his perception was that it would be like going to his grandma’s house.  This was interesting.  Yes, some B&B’s are like that, but there is a new generation of Innkeepers out there, that matches a new generation of traveler.

MJ and I have been keeping an eye on our guests, and most are of the newer traveling public.  Since we’ve opened we’ve updated our Inn to keep up with the needs and wants of our guests.  So, unlike grandma’s house, we have private baths, WIFI, HD TVs, a DVD library, each room has at least one power strip.  each room also have a personal refrigerator, and just recently we’ve added streaming video! Plus, we have gotten rid of most of our doilies.

Recently I saw this great article from an NPR station in Boston titled: Not Your Grandma’s B&B: Traditional Inns Transform For Young Travelers.

We have kept the charm of a Victorian House – but, we are NOT like Grandma’s B&B.

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