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June 28, 2015

Hanson House Rainbow Elopements and Small Weddings

Posted by: Duke

Hanson House Rainbow Elopements and Small Weddings

Love is love. The Hanson House as always understood the role of love in everyone’s life. We have been performing small weddings and elopements at the Hanson House since opening in 2003. Couples drawn to our inn each have their own uniqueness which matches the unique qualities of our venue. The Hanson House B&B, an 1883 Victorian, was built as a dowry from the love of parents for their child. Love has resonated in this place for 132 years. We welcome to our inn to the rainbow of couples who would like to continue the tradition of love in our home. Gay and lesbian couples, allow us to stand in the color of your rainbow and the honor of marrying you at the Hanson House B&B. We are looking forward to meeting you

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