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November 1, 2014

A small wedding at the Inn

Posted by: Duke

Small weddings are my favorite. As a minister, I get to be with the bride and groom for an entire afternoon. I know all the names and their relationship to the bride and groom of everyone present. And the inn is graced by the beauty of a couple in love. Its something that I think George and Janet Dow had in mind when they build the Hanson House for their daughter’s dowry.

When it comes to weddings, everyone’s tastes are diferent. Those that get married at the Hanson House B&B are looking for a small intimate place to just get married. Sometimes the couple is planning on a big party in warmer weather. Other times, they are saving for a wonderful grand honeymoon or their first house. Some couples would like to be married before they leave overseas.

What do you need for a small wedding: your license and two witnesses that are 18 or over and legally able to sign. If you are really eloping and need witnesses, the Hanson House can provide them for you. Our elopement packages include the rest from momentos of your special day to flowers, cake, dinner and a limo. As one groom put it, a Hanson House elopement is “Truly Simple.”



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