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April 14, 2010

1920 Solarium Make-over

Posted by: Duke

Once all the decorating in and out of the inn was complete, we knew we’d have to go back from time to time and freshen the look in various spaces. This spring we tackled the solarium with help from designer, Brent Zubeck.

When we moved in 6 years ago, we first set up the solarium with perpetual plants and a wicker chair and coffee table that we brought with us from Mukwonago. It was important to use things we already had rather than buy new. Over the years, the sun and heat baked and dried the wicker, faded the greens to a blue-green, robbed the plants of their luster, and melted the plastic and glue that held the petals and leaves in place. Flowers and leaves lay everywhere.

When Brent and I met to discuss ideas, he and I agreed that the best elements would be white, cream and natural. We purchased very few new items and used some found items from the yard. The new design contains a concrete birdbath and a metal urn, the palm from the previous arrangement still green, and a new distressed, cream, wrought-iron end table and two chairs. Brent finished the space with a little toile. It’s so beautiful.

Come and see it when you have a chance. You may contact Brent at Zubke30@yahoo.com to find out more about his decorating services.

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